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Software standards, methodologies, and software architecture have a solid foundation and there are many benefits to organizations.

In the traditional methods software companies create libraries by combining only common functions with specific categories. In this way, repetitive functions are managed from a single place and code repetitions are prevented.This method provides great convenience to developers and administrators. However, apart from the traditional method, it is necessary to produce different solutions for the needs such as complex business components in large projects, many visual components and the development and modification of the project for years. These solutions are; software standards, methodologies and software architecture is an infrastructure need based on solid foundations. The main benefits of this infrastructure are as follows.

  • Enables the development of a fast and effective software project.
  • Provides code and visual layer standardization.
  • Reduces repetitive jobs and minimizes code writing.
  • Integrates with other Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SQL Server, and SharePoint.
  • Provides independent database access and database usage according to the customer.
  • Enables rapid adaptation of personnel transition between projects.
  • Increases personal development and effectiveness of personnel with low technical capacity.
  • Sets standards for application installation and updates.
  • Reduces costs and time to bring projects to life with the contribution of general infrastructure.


The Netix software infrastructure is a system that uses the latest software methodologies and Microsoft products developed on the basis of the above basic principles. Here are the benefits of our Software Infrastructure:

  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Including software methodologies such as TDD (Test Driven Development), DDD (Domain Driven Development)
  • ASP.Net MVC Framework 4
  • Flexible coding infrastructure with N-tier architecture
  • Standalone database with ORM product
  • Easy user interface development and refactoring
  • Testable coding infrastructure
  • Interoperability on any platform (Web, Mobile) with dynamic user interface development
  • Automate user display tests (Microsoft Test Manager)
  • Improved logging and error capture
  • Advanced security and authorization system
  • Implementation of an easy workflow (Windows Workflow Foundation)
  • Ability to work with WCF architecture and Workflow Services
  • Easy publish and update options
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