We are with you with our training services

We are with you with our training services

As Netix, we provide training and consultancy services to the institutions we work with. Thus, we aim to achieve more efficient results in our projects by increasing the software development and management skills needed by our business partners. Our training and consultancy services are grouped as follows :

Training and consultancy services on corporate and individual software skills.

Training and consultancy services on corporate and individual software architecture.

Project based or continuous software development services with outsourcing.

Business management is a method that enables these institutions to focus on their main business by transferring work to institutions specialized in certain areas of business.With the help of outsourcing, the internal division of labor is transferred to specialist institutions and thus, the company experiencing work-intensive provides an effective cost and time saving.On the other hand, outsourcing companies are able to concentrate more intensively on the issues that they specialize in the sector and increase the business efficiency to the highest levels.Here are the main advantages of our outsourcing services:

  • Reducing work costs, preventing waste of time.
  • Increased management effectiveness in many areas such as human resources, R & D, logistics, IT infrastructure.
  • Employee satisfaction, which is caused by the decrease in the workload, and the ability to deal more with the customers, and consequently increase the customer satisfaction.
  • Reduction of risk by sharing responsibility for errors.
  • Operational efficiency, in other words, the focus of the company on its main fields of activity.
  • And most importantly, it is possible for the institutions that have undertaken the division of labor from outside the company to intervene in areas they cannot see or care about due to the workload of the company they support, and to maximize the internal productivity by preventing future problems.

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