We increase the interaction between local governments…

Mukhtar Information System is an institutional and social platform that aims to produce solutions to the needs and demands of our people in the shortest time by increasing the communication and interaction between local administrations such as provinces, districts and mukhtars.

This system provides services on WEB, Android and IOS platforms with applications that presents effective, fast and economical solutions for the use of our local administrations and mukhtars and increase the service quality and satisfaction of our citizens in this direction.

User friendly interfaces

Fast access

Satisfaction oriented

Activity management

Increase the effectiveness of Mukhtars

Notification submission through application

User Friendly

Mukhtar Information System on WEB, Mobile Android and Mobile IOS platforms, offer fast, effective and easy use with its user-friendly interfaces.

Fast Access

With the Mukhtars Information System is accessed from mobile devices such as telephone service and tablet on Android and IOS platforms, users can be served 24/7 without any computer addiction.

Satisfaction Oriented

The Mukhtar Information System increase the communication and interaction between the Mukhtars and other local governments, and improve the service quality of our institutions and the degree of satisfaction of our citizens towards these services.

Activity Management

All activities concerning local governments through the Mukhtar Information System; Surveys, Investments, News, Announcements, Interviews and Activities can be effectively managed and shared quickly with the target audience.

Increase The Effectiveness of Mukhtars

Mukhtar Information System aims to provide public services more efficiently, faster and more safely, especially by increasing the effectiveness of our mukhtars in local governments.

Notification Submission Through Application

Short Message (SMS), Instant Notification (Push) and Opening Notifications can be sent to all users defined in the system through the Mukhtar Information System.

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